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Finding Inspiration in Every Drill!

All players need to develop essential fundamental skills to acquire a knowledge base on which to build great basketball experiences!


All players will be taught core basketball basics & the fundamentals of:

  • shooting

  • dribbling

  • footwork

  • passing

  • offense

  • defense

  • health & nutrition

  • physical development


All players will acquire the knowledge of the game of basketball & the understanding of the rules. All players will be developed to the full extent of their individual abilities. Players will be provided the opportunity to develop the ability to play as a team, with other kids of different skill sets, & will gain the ability to communicate effectively.


Realizing that basketball is a big community, we need to adequately prepare our players for competitive life on and off the court. Teaching personal accountability, sound ethics, & wise decision-making are important. Training our players to be productive in an ever changing & evolving world necessitates an excellent, progressive development program. A system that can accomplish this mission must be characterized by quality, accountability, and community involvement.

We thereby declare that such a system, depicted by quality instruction, equity for all students, & accountability for continuous improvement, will have the elements needed to prepare our children for the changes & challenges of their future; a future which will belong to the most developed & prepared basketball players.

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