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I, ___________________________,  want to play basketball for Flyers this season. In exchange for the privilege of being on the team, I promise to do the following:


  1. Adhere to all of the training rules listed in the player and school activities handbook.

  2. Commit to pursuing victory with honor by demonstrating high standards of ethics and sportsmanship.

  3. Accept and understand the seriousness of my responsibility, and the privilege of representing myself, my team, my school, and my community with honor.

  4. Learn the rules of the game.

  5. Respect the integrity and judgment of the game officials.

  6. Help my teammates learn our system.

  7. Do the best that I can.

  8. Treat others the way I want to be treated.

  9. Win with humility; lose with grace.

  10. Represent the Flyers organization and the program in a positive light.                 


As a parent of the above-named player, I realize that I am part of the team and promise to do the following:


  1. Influence my child to abide by the contract they have signed.

  2. Report any failure by the athletes to live up to the contract they have signed.

  3. Be an example of good sportsmanship at all team events.

  4. Represent me, the team, Flyers, and the community with honor.


We, the coaches, promise to do the following:


  1. Exemplify the highest moral character, behavior, and leadership, adhering to strong ethical and integrity standards.

  2. Respect the integrity and personality of the individual athletes.

  3. Abide by and teach the rules of the game.

  4. Describe and define respectful and disrespectful behavior.

  5. Display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat.

  6. Make sportsmanship a priority.

  7. Motivate and inspire each student to give and be their best.


           We know that being a part of this basketball program will require sacrifices, adjustments, and extraordinary commitment on the part of the players, their families, and the coaches. However, we are working to achieve an extraordinary team success that demands extraordinary effort on all of our parts.  In return, we have an opportunity to create a positive experience that could affect our lives forever.


           The players will be constantly evaluated on their demonstration of coachability, hustle, mental and physical toughness, loyalty to the team, unselfishness, and their desire to improve. Our goal is to field a team of players that consistently demand more of themselves than is demanded by the coaching staff.


           In every game situation, our team will play to win.  Game substitutions will be made with that solely in mind. However, there will be situations where a player may be pulled from the game, despite their ability to contribute.


           The members of this team are expected to work harder and with more discipline, hustle, enthusiasm, teamwork, and dedication than any other team in this state. This is not a goal; this is an expectation.


           I understand that as a part of this team, I agree to abide by the expectations described in this contract.











           My child has shared with me these expectations and I agree to give them all possible help to meet them successfully.















          As head coach of this program, I agree to abide by the expectations listed on this contract.












(If under 18 years old, Parent or Guardian must also sign.)

Thanks for submitting!

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